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How we generated $243,600 with 1 email in 90 days?

Email Revenue: $243,600

Timeframe: last 90 days

We've got your attention!

Forgive us, we aren’t going to reveal all the secrets here, but don’t feel upset because if your brand is doing less than $1 million a month, then you should focus on the email basics:
Sign Up Form:

- Your offer should stand out. If everyone is doing 10% off, you should do 15% off or $50 off your first purchase only, etc.
- Use some peculiar words or a CTA to grab people’s attention.


You can play with segmentation, but we don’t recommend having more than 5 segments if you have fewer than 5,000 subscribers.

Core segments/list:

- Main list.
- Dead list.
- Customer list.
- 2-4 segments for cross- and up-sells.
- Email engagers in the last 180–365 days.
Core Flows:

- Welcome Series (6-12 emails)
- Checkout Abandonment (3-6 emails)
- Abandoned Cart (4-6 emails)
- Replenishment Flow (3-5 emails)
Post-Purchase: New vs. Returning Customers (6–12 emails)
- VIP Flow (2-5 emails)
- Winback Flow (2-7 emails)
- Sunset Flow (2-4 emails)
- Review Request (2-3 emails)
You can create up to 20 flows, which is great, but we’ve noticed some brand owners have 10–15 flows, but they generate about 5% of total revenue from Klaviyo. It doesn’t make sense. Quality over quantity!

90% of flow revenue will come from Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, Checkout Abandonment, and Post-Purchase New vs. Returning Customer, so double down on these, make them perfect, and A/B test!

Email Campaigns:

3 simple recommendations:

- Don’t be offer heavy.

- Be creative, always stand out but keep it simple. We love GIFs!

- Send more!

P.S. Please consult your marketing expert for personalized e-commerce growth advice.

Never disregard or delay seeking professional marketing expert advice because of something you have read on the internet.
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