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How we delivered 4.55 Return on Ad Spend and still got fired?

DK Purchase Conversion Value: 87,226

DK Ad Spend: 19,163

DK Cost Per Purchase: 281

USD Purchase Conversion Value: 12,602

USD Ad Spend: 2,768

USD Cost Per Purchase: 40

Yes, we know the ad budget is small; that’s why ROAS is 4+.

Yes, we know we don’t show all the details you may need to understand the full picture.

But we don’t want to share a success story today, but rather address a very important aspect of the business that many brand owners don’t understand, and that’s why they will never scale up.

This brand owner was so skeptical and didn’t let us test enough because “your copy/ad creative doesn’t align well with our branding."

Side note: the brand gets less than 5,000 website visitors a month.

”Use my ad copy only; I don’t like when you run ads with customer reviews.” The list never ended.

We’ve been working hard to meet clients' expectations, and we did! The desired outcome was 4+ ROAS, and we did it in 42 days.


The client realized the break-even ROAS was 6.5.
Yes, you read it correctly. Break-even ROAS was 6.5.

The client was selling designer cushions, and yes, we asked about break-even ROAS before running ads, but the client didn’t pay enough attention to it.

So our point is simple:

Study business!

Never stop learning and be hungry even if you’re 40+ years old!

If you’re running an online store and not doing $1,000,000 a month, why do you shift responsibility to freelancers and agencies?

It doesn’t make sense...

If there’s no hero offer, product-market fit, high-converting landing page, or brand message, then NoBoDY will help you.

Please take it as a friendly message and never make such mistakes. Peace!

P.S. Please consult your marketing expert for personalized e-commerce growth advice.

Never disregard or delay seeking professional marketing expert advice because of something you have read on the internet.
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